Looking for the perfect happiness? Nirvana is the strongest stack that we have in our Microdose lineup. It will take you to a transcendent state of mind; relieving you of the stresses of life. Experience the feeling of true freedom with our Microdose: Nirvana. It is ideal to use this Microdose when enjoying nature, dancing, being around people, and having a good time.

Each capsule of Nirvana contains 350mg of Psilocybe (active ingredient Psilocybin)

Organic Psilocybe/Psilocybin (350MG) and Ginger Root Extract

In our Microdose lineup, Nirvana has the highest Psilocybin concentration. Unlike our other Microdose formulae, this one is designed to transport you to a higher state of consciousness. It’s ideal for folks who are new to mushrooms and wish to start with a small, manageable dose. To help your stomach break down the Psilocybin content, we meticulously measure and combine Psilocybe with ginger root extracts. We only utilize vegan capsules that are 100 percent organic. Nirvana is also suitable for those who dislike the flavor of Magic Mushrooms.

If Nirvana is a little too intense for you, try out our Variety Pack, which contains a little bit of everything to help you discover the appropriate Microdose.

Recommended Dose:

Depending on your body weight, take 1-2 capsules.

Fadiman’s schedule is one day on, two days off.

!!Caution!! Mixing magic mushroom products with alcohol or other anti-depression medications (SSRI) will reduce or entirely prevent the experience.

Store the product at ambient temperature, away from direct sunlight, in a dry atmosphere. Keep out of reach of youngsters and pets as well.


10 pills, 30 pills, 60 pills


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