LSD Trip Tac


When choosing this product, you will have to leave a note if you will be needing blotter papers or gel tabs. They are sold in different ugs (330ugs, 500ugs, and 800ugs) at different affordable prices


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Lsd acid gel tabs: A gel is a solid that can have properties ranging from soft and weak to hard and tough. Gels are defined as a substantially dilute cross-linked system, which exhibits no flow when in a steady state. So LSD gel tabs are gel-like tabs infused with LSD to give a better, smooth and new taste. LSD is normally found on “blotting surfaces” (paper that is punctured into little squares). The squares or “tabs” might be hued or have pictures imprinted on them. Fluid LSD is an unmistakable fluid, for the most part in a little holder, cylinder or cup. LSD can likewise is in flimsy squares of gelatin. We generally make a point to give our clients simply the best so you ought to have certainty when shopping.



Synonyms The most common synonyms are:

  • Acid, Backbreaker, Barrels, Blotter acid, Blotters, Boomers, California sunshine, Cap, Cid, Cube, Domes, Dots, Flats, Frogs, Hits, Lids, Mellow yellow, Micropoint, Purple haze, Sid, Tabs, Trips, Wedges, Windowpane, Yellow sunshine.
Classification Hallucinogen:

  • Causes users to see, hear or feel things that do not exist.
Visual description White, odorless, and bitter crystalline powder. It is available in a variety of forms:

  • Blotter: a small square of LSD-soaked blotting paper that is placed under the tongue (the LSD in the blotter is absorbed sublingually)
  • Tablet (seldom used since it is highly concentrated)
  • Liquid applied to small sugar cubes or gelatin (Window panes)
  • A concentrated liquid that can be diluted and used through various routes of administration

330ugs, 500ugs, 800ugs


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